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1938 to 1905

William was the youngest child of William (1793) and Mary Winter. Presumably named after his father, he is also named after his eldest brother, also William, who died in 1826.

William followed the family traditions - he followed his fathers trade, he married in St George The Martyr. He named his eldest William (Jonathan). He lived, as far as one can tell, in Edenbridge for his entire life.

mitchenall family about 1880 repair.jpg

This picture of William (1838) and his family must have been taken before the birth of Percy, the youngest, or at least when he was too young to include in the family snap, placing it at about 1879. William Jonathan, the eldest, aged about 14, stands at the back; Edith, 10, beside William. Ann, his wife, has Egbert (2) on her lap, and Tamar (9) sits between her parents. Lillian (4) stands between her fathers knees. At least, thats my summise. William is 41 and Ann 39. Percy will be born when Ann is 40. Its a posed picture taken by Stickles of Ashford. This, until someone finds an older picture, is the only picture of one of William's (1793) sons.


Today, I dont think we would correctly guess the age of William and Ann.

To return to the story; records say William was born in 1838, although a family bible records 1839, perhaps recording a baptism or christening. 

He is included in the 1841 census, living with his parent, ten brothers and sisters, one George Langridge and his cousin Ann Mitchenall (1824 - 1875, daughter of John Mitchenall (1783)). This address, defined not as the HIgh Street but "Village or Street", has only one real clue to location - "Lydens Place omitted". Lydens Lane and Farm are easily identified, and are South of Edenbridge. I presume this home is south of the river - in any event, it was quite a houseful.


By 1851, now living in Edenbridge Street, the family has reduced to seven in total, and he is the only one not working or a scholar). His mother is stated to be a school mistress. Recorded next door are Isaac and Sarah Gascoyne, Inn Keepers. The Gascoynes were innkeepers of the Crown Inn. (, Look at the Pub Site for views of the area at that time. This residence is north of the River.

In 1861 he lives with his father close to the Star Inn, both working as cordwainers. Uncle John is next door, sister Kezia, (at this date Mrs Jeffrey) close by. 

In 1864 he marries Ann Potter, at St George the Martyr, where Ann Austen, his sister, is one of the wiitnesses. 11 months later. in January 1865, his first son William Jonathan (1865) is born, continuing the tradition of first son being William. His father William died three months later. Before the next census, his elder brother Amos had died and daughters Edith (1869) and Tamar (1870) had been born. A son Austen Amos was born in 1873 who died in infancy - the name Amos from his brother, the name Austen passed to Egbert.

The 1871 census shows he had moved to no.7 Paradise Row . The family seemed to remain here until 1901. Although the 1901 address is quoted as Pound Lane, the neighbours in adjacent houses make me believe the address had been renamed; today, 7 Paradise Row is numbered as part of Limpsfield Road, Edenbridge, and the Pound Pit and its pond have changed to a small green - no pit or pond is very evident. The footnote to this image confirms this.


Edenbridge Pound Lane showing Paradise R

William and Ann saw the death of William's father in 1865, and his mother Mary then moved into smaller accomodation around Edenbridge until her death in 1878. William and Ann saw many of their elder siblings die - only George and Joshua were alive when William (1838) died in 1905. John and Ann, who were probably twins, both died in 1898. Rebecca and Simon made it into the 20th Century. William himself died on the Thursday 13th April 1905 at 2 Rothesay Place, Edenbridge. which I believe was just up the road from 7 Paradise Row, on the part of Limpsfield Road which is now a junction with the Edenbridge Town centre bypass.  

HIs wife Ann lived on, and moved to Essex, as did much of the family. William Jonathan married in Essex, Edith and Tamar moved there. Percy and Egbert died there.


Lillian Busi wedding.jpg

Ann Mitchenall lived on to 1923, outliving William, his siblings and most of their spouses by 20 years - all except Mary Mitchenall ne Kirby (1841 - 1920), wife of Simon.

This photo, at the wedding of  Lillian to Mario Busi in 1908, surely features Ann seated. 

It is worth commenting that Ann did not inherit Williams worldly wealth - this passed to William Jonathan, by then 

established as a draper. The family has copies of postcard correspondence between Egbert, his mother and sisters showing that, apart from William Jonathan, who established himself in Shrewsbury  by 1901, the family were in regular contact. Percy, who died young, was a matter of his mothers concern earlier. For more details on the children, refer to their individual pages.


Johnathan Potter.jpg
Ann to Egbert about Percy.jpg

Pictures show (left) Ann Potters father Johnathan (1818 - 1898) and (above) a postcard from Ann to Egbert, expressing concern at Percy's health, "--- (Percy?) has been ill twice ?time? he has been al ?not clear? Factor has ordered him to give up and go to convalescent home if he wants to get well I will right next week all there is to tell. love to both" 

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