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William and Mary Mitchenall's Children

William and Mary had twelve children. 

All the children were born in Edenbridge. 

Parents William and Mary were, however, married at St George the Martyr in Borough High Street, London SE1. Their 12 children between them had 13 marriages, only William (1822) and Mary (1823) not marrying. George married twice. Ann married three times. Of these 13 marriages, 10 took place at St George the martyr. A separate page discusses this. 

The children were most commonly shopkeepers, or shoemakers under the trades cordwainer or fellmonger (dealer in hide). Father was a cordwainer (maker of new shoes), as was William (1838), John was also a shoemaker. Kezia married Henry Jeffrey, a Fell Monger and Glove master (1861 census)  James is recorded as a carpenter, George an Ironmonger, Amos a Blacksmith. Joshua was a Police Constable in 1861. Simon was a Baptist minister, Ann was a shopkeeper whose husband was a carpenter. Rebecca's husband was a gardener.

Edenbridge in the 19th Century supported 2 tanneries, and there are still locations in the town remembering this,

Some of the children moved up to London - but they often lived close together, and mostly around Lee, Gipsy Hill and Streatham. Look at the individual stories to find out more. 

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