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1837 to 1901

Rebecca was the eleventh child of the family, born in 1837 in Edenbridge, Kent, England.

Her parents were old parents -William, was 44, and her mother, Mary, was 46.

Rebecca lived at home until her twenties, and then moved to live in the Gipsy HIll area with her husband Robert Kempshall, whom she married  on July 12, 1869.

In some records her name is spelt Rebekah - as when she married Robert Kempsall. They married at St George the Martyr. 

Curiously there are also Banns for a marriage of Rebecca Mitchenall to an Edward Stanger in 1867, 2 years before her marriage to Robert Kempshall, also in St George the Martyr. But no marriage record. As there is no other Rebecca Mitchenall traced at that time, did she enter into Banns for a marriage in 1867 which never progressed past the Banns?

Her husband died in March 1895, She died in January 1901 at the age of 64.

Apart from the mystery around Mr Stanger, Rebecca seems to have led a quiet life, either as daughter or wife, No trade or occupation is recorded against her in census records.

She lived near family after leaving home - sister Ann and brothers George and Simon lived near her home in the Gipsy Road area of Lambeth. 

One final action showing the ties in the family was a search for her nephew William James, her brother James son, who emigrated to Australia and then disappeared. In 1893 Rebecca (Kempshall) placed an advertisement in Lloyd's Weekly seeking information on "Mitchenall (William), of Hamilton Road, Lower Norwood, went to Sydney NSW in the City of Venice, 10 years since; eight years ago was in Melbourne" .


He had gone to Australia immediately after his mother and fathers deaths in 1880 and 1881 respectively; why his Aunt Rebecca was looking for him ten years later we do not know. His sister Laura had died 1889 in her twenties, her twin  Mary was placed into a home in Caterham at about time of this enquiry.

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