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Kezia's Descendants 

Kezia married Henry Jeffery in 1854.

Their children, Kate (1856 - 1930), Louisa (1857-1900), Fanny (1860 - 1931), Henry James (1862 - 1917), Maud Rebecca (1865-1930), and John William (1867 - 1907) were obviously all Jeffery's and not Mitchenalls.

Kate married William Wallis and had two children.

Louisa lived with her Aunt Ann in Gipsy Hill in her 20's, The records then get sketchy, not helped by multiple occurences of her name.I have her recorded as dying in 1900, but this may be incorrect.

Fanny  married George John Southern and had seven children.

Henry married Elizabeth Peacock and had 10? children

Maud married David Henty but there are no records of children

John joined the navy and was in Portsmouth in 1901.` He may have married in 1905 and died in 1907. Again, the name is quite common and information incomplete.

There may be surviving descendants of with surnames Wallis, Southern or Peacock.

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