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1831 to 1895


When Kezia Mitchenall was born in 1831 in Edenbridge, Kent, her father, William, was 38, and her mother, Mary, was 40. She married Henry Jeffery on 24 December 1854. They had six children in 11 years. She died on 19 December 1895 in her hometown at the age of 64, and was buried there.

Kezia, as with many of her siblings, married at St George the Martyr. Unlike many of them, she stayed in Edenbridge and married  Henry Jeffery, running a shop next to or near to her father William's business. Her children all survived her, and Jeffery remains a common name in Edenbridge.

She had four daughters and two sons, born beteen 1856 and 1867. They were

Kate Jeffrey 1856 - 1930

Louisa Jeffrey 1857- 1900

Fanny Jeffrey 1860 - 1899

Henry James Jeffrey 1862 - 1917

Maud R Jeffrey 1865 - 1930

John William Jeffrey 1867 -1907

Kate married a William Wallis and continued ot live close to her parents, bring up three children.

Louisa died at 43, seemingly unmarried.

Fanny married a George Southern and had seven children. She moved to Alton in Hampshire. Later in Caversham, she may have died nearer home in 1931. After 1911 there is little trace of her.

Henry moved to Bermondsey  about 1897 and died there in 1917. He married Elizabeth Peacock and they had ten children.

Maud married David Henry in 1908, but had no children. She died a widow in 1930.

John William died in Portsmouth in 1907. In 1901 he is a single soldier noted as a gunner, and a John William may have married in 1905 in Portsmouth. His commission as a Royal Naval Reserve is dated 23rd July 1889, so a time served serviceman, if he married, he married late at 38, and died when he was 40.

There remain descendants of Kezia with these various surnames. 

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