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William Mitchenall

1793 - 1865

William Mitchenall, the second youngest son of John Mitchenall (1759 - 1820) and Hannah Dartnall (1759 - 1822), is the common grandfather of all Mitchenalls alive in 2020. His wife, Mary Winter (1798 - 1878), is their common grandmother (both, of course, with a number of greats added).


Of Williams seven brothers and sisters, Nancy (1780-1781), Elizabeth (1789 - 1803), and James  (1795 - 1803) died in childhood.

Of George (1786-) I have no information about; John (1783-1869) and Rebecca (1786 -) married, but only Rebecca (Delves) has descendants alive today. Williams sister Sarah (1790-1867?) had no children, (and may have died in 1803).

Edenbridge Parish register records his Baptism on 30th June 1793, and from this his birthyear is deduced.  As far as can be determined, with the exception that he married in St George the Martyr in Borough, Southwark, William lived in Edenbridge. He made his living as a Cordwainer, and with wife Mary (Winter) (1791 - 1878) he had 12 children.

He lived at several locations in Edenbridge. He seems to have been an upright citizen of the town. Of his twelve children, only the first, his son William, did not survive to adulthood, and of the 11 who survived childhood, only his eldest daughter Mary pre-deceased him. His youngest son was also called William.

His wife helped at the local school, (1851 census records) and William also has associations with the Church. Many of the children also became involved in the leather industry. The 1851 census records John and Joshua as shoemakers, the 1861 records William as a cordwainer.

He died in 1865, leaving his widow Mary. Mary died thirteen years later in 1878. In 1871 she was boarding with a Roberts Heaseman, possibly in the same house as previously, next to the Old House at home alehouse. Daughter Kezia is nearby. 

Williams life does not strike as in any way remarkable, but he is the common ancestor of all Mitchenalls alive today, ( July 2020.)

Mary Winter

Williams wife Mary has been identified as one of two people. As a result of this her date of birth is quoted as 1796 or 8, and also as 1804. There seem to be two people living in Edenbridge who were known as Mary Winter, but the clearest indication is the Christening record which states her parents were John and Ann. 

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