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William 1822 - 1826

William was his parents first child, named after his father.

Naming boys William became common in the Family, but the first William survived only 4 years.

The Birth and Christening Records for William show that he was born in Edenbridge on 5th July 1822, although his surname is spelt Mitchanell in some records. 

The Non-Confirmist and Non-Parochial Register entry, no 4638, records that John Coates registered the record on the 15th June 1824, and that his parents were William Mitchanell and Mary, daughter of John and Ann Winter. The recording was witnessed by William Creasy and Sarah Humphrey

Young William lived long enough to see the births of his sisters Mary and Ann, and Ann's twin brother John. He died on the 5th December 1826 at the age of 4 years old.

His parents had 12 children, and when the youngest son was born in 1838, Williams name was remembered and re-used. Williams youngest sibling, whom he could never have known, was also called William, born in 1838. The younger William was my great-grandfather.

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