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Laura Elizabeth 1862 to 1889

Laura was born in 1862, twin to sister Mary who was born with a mental affliction. Her mother and father both died before she was 20, by which time she was married to Walter Dugdale.

She had four children (all Dugdales) - Alice Maud (1881 - 1950), Arthur Harold (1882 - 1949), Walter Henry (1884 - 1945),  and Laura Elizabeth (1887 - 1888). 

Laura herself died in 1889, shortly after the birth and death of her youngest child, who carried her name. 

Her other children, without a mother, seem to have been dispersed to relatives.

Alice Maud is living with her grandparents in 1891, and four of Walter's siblings - her Uncles and Aunts - but not Walter. She remains with her Uncles and Aunts in 1901. By 1905 she is married, and in the 1911 census is recorded as a visitor from South Africa with her two children. Her husband, Frederick George McDanell, is only recorded on her probate of the records I can find.

Arthur  Harold also ends up abroad, in Canada, In 1891 he is living with his Aunts Sarah and Agusta (Augusta?) and brother Walter Henry in the Creasy household (Sarah is aged 43 and married). In 1911 he is recorded as a visitor from Canada and single, staying with two Aunts and an Uncle, at the same time as his sister Alice Maud. He seems to have married one Ellen Lauretta Holder whilst he was in the UK, His war service is as a Canadian, and i can find no record of Arthur and Ellen togther. Then, in Canada in 1919 he married Leah Eady and seems to have lived the rest of his life in Canada. He has no children I have found.

When Walter Henry Dugdale was born in December 1884 in Brixton, Surrey, his father, Walter, was 25 and his mother, Laura, was 22. In 1891 he was with brother Harold, and in 1901 he was still with Aunts Sarah and Augusta in the Creasy household, He was in the Navy in 1911. He married Amelia (Milly) Jane Butler and they had three children together. He then married Deborah Jane Ritchie and they had two children together. He died in December 1945 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, at the age of 61.  There are descendants of Walter still alive, though Walter's son Walter changed his name to Jenkins before he married Irene Clarke in 


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