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Percy Simon

1880 to 1914

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Percy Simon Mitchenall was the youngest child of William and Ann Mitchenall. He was born in Edenbridge in 1880.

He lived his early years in Paradise Row, but between 1891 and 1901 he moved to Chiddingstone, where the 1901 census records him working as a Post Office Clerk and Book Keeper at The Shop. The location of the shop in Chiddingstone was near the Castle Inn, and was quite probably the premises still operating as Chiddingstone Store and Post Office.

He was, in 1905, witness to his brother Egberts wedding, and then in 1908 married himself, to Lillian Crouch, from Chiddingstone.

We know that his mother wrote to Egbert in 1906 concerned that Percy was ill, and it is possible this is the reason he seemed to move about after marrying. His marriage certificate states Lillian Mary resides at Chiddingstone Causeway, Percy at St Johns, Keston, where is reported to be a grocer.

On the 14th April 1909, when his son Raymond is born, at 15 Russell Road Folkestone, the records show his occupation as an Insurance agent.


On the 19th February 1912, when younger son Frank is born, Percy and Lillian are living at the Horseshoes, Bough Beech - or Chiddingstone Causeway - with Lillian's parents. He reports he is a grocers assistant.

On the 5th March 1914, Lillian, resident at 65 Bedford Road, East Ham, was present at Globe Villa, St Andrews Road, Clacton, where Percy died. Globe Villa is probably 32 St Andrews Road,  the home of Tamar and William Waterhouse, his sister and brother in law. His death certificate confirms he worked for one T Kinross of Mabledon Road, Tonbridge, as a Clerk for the Board of Trade. 

In six years of his marriage he has held 4 positions, lived in 4 homes, married and had 2 children. The postcard from his mother to his brother in 1906 is concerned he has consumption; he died of Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

HIs wife Lillian thereafter supported herself and her two young children by working as a boarding house keeper, whilst his sons lived at The Horseshoes, Chiddingstone Causeway.

This photo shows the Horseshoes, with Percy's father and mother in law outside it. It was here that my father and uncle remembered from their childhood, unsurprising as their father died when they were 5 and 2.

Lillian lived to 1964, and saw her sons grow up and the birth of her four grandchildren. She died in Pembury, just outside of Tunbridge Wells, and was buried at Chiddingstone Causeway, close to her sisters Pam and Betty, my fondly remembered great aunts,

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