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1870 to 1946

Tamar's Wedding

The picture shows William Waterhouse and Tamar Mitchenall in the centre. Sidney King stands to the right, with Edith King (Mitchenall seated. The two children are George and Elsie King. The couple to the left of the picture are possibly Waterhouses, The younger man to Tamar's left is possibly brother Percy Mitchenall, aged 15.

Tamar was born in Edenbridge in September 1870. She lived with her parents in the 1871 and 1881 census returns. In 1991 she was working as a housemaid for the solicitor Thomas White in Fulham.

In 1895 she married William Waterhouse, from Pudsey in Yorkshire. The wedding took place in Windsor, and it is not clear from the information I have how they met or what took them to Windsor. They clearly returned to Yorkshire for a period after the marriage, as their first two children (twins Edith Emily (1897) and Beatrice Annie (1897) were born in Yorkshire. They then moved to Clacton, close to Tamar's sister Edith. Their two youngest children (Samuel William (1899) and Harry Mitchenall (1909) were born in Clacton.

A fifth child is noted on the 1911 census return as deceased. Also notable from the 1901 census return is that Tamar was in Pudsey with her father in law, but husband William is not recorded in the household.

The 1911 census records the family in St Andrews Road Clacton, Her brother Percy Simon died at Globe Villa, St Andrews Road, and I assume Percy was staying with his sister.

Shortly after (1918) Tamar is recorded in Hammersmith. and all subsequent records relating to Tamar and William show residence in Hammersmith. They are recorded there in the 1939 census. William died there in 1944. Tamar died in 1946.

Two of their children, Harry and Beatrice, later emigrated to Australia; Samuel and Edith stayed in the UK.

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