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Egbert  Austin 

1877 to 1957

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Egbert Austin, son of William and Ann, was born in Edenbridge in 1877.. He was born whilst the family lived at Paradise Row, and in 1881 he is living with his 3 sisters and Percy, his younger brother. His eldest brother William Jonathan, was already, at 16,  living with his Aunt Ann (Austin) off Gipsy Road in Norwood. Egbert is first recorded away from Edenbridge in 1901, when he is fund living in Islington.

In 1904 he is recorded, on his marriage certificate, as being a Grocers Assitant living in Vaughan Road Harpenden. His wife, Emma Victoria Schule, states her father is, like Egbert's, a Bootmaker. The marriage, at St Olaves Stoke Newington, names Frederick Schule as her father. The marriage is witnessed by Bertha Schule (mother?) and Percy Simon Mitchenall, Egberts younger brother. Her date of birth on the marriage documents is stated as 1877, but other than what is recorded on her marriage bans, little is recorded of her origins. Married on Boxing Day 1905, on the 3rd August 1906 their daughter Hilda Bertha Mitchenall was born. The childs name suggest that the Bertha that signed the marriage certificate was Emma's


The 1911 Census then records the family living in Pratts Bottom. It also records that Emma had 2 children, and 1 of those children has died. Hilda Bertha is recorded as being 4 years old, i.e. she would have been born in 1907 or even 1908. However, the 1939 register confirms her date of birth as 3/8/1906.

So, put simply, Egbert and Emma had 2 children and one died, presumably between their marriage in 1905 and the census of 1911. We know little about Emma's background, and not much more about Egbert and Emma.


Egbert is recorded as a grocers assistant. He served in Norfolk Regiment during the first world war, and there are then no records of him until 1939, when Egbert and Emma lived in Essex. Hilda Bertha still lived with them. Emma died in 1947 in Romford, Egbert died in Leigh on Sea. They appear to have had a second child who died before 1911 but I have not confirmed details.

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