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1862 to 1916

Frederick lived at home until 1881 - by 1883 he had enlisted. he served in the Sudan and Boer Wars, and was still serving in 1904.

In the 1911 survey Alfred is recorded in Westerham, but as his wife and children are clearly Fredericks, I assume Alfred is Frederick. 

Frederick, a Corporal in the Royal Engineers, married Emily Richardson on the 29th September 1896, at West End in Surrey. West End is in the area of Surrey near Sandhurst Military Academy.


The couple had three children, all girls, Ada Emily, Ivy and Winifred. All three girls moved to Nova Scotia (see their own pages).

He was discharged in 1904 when a Corporal, The 1911 survey records him as a Government Messenger.

He died, in his early 50's, in Cheriton in Kent (near Folkestone - again with Military connections), in June 1916.

Frederick MItchenall 1862 to 1916.jpg

Before he died Frederick saw saw his eldest daughter, Ada, married to a Canadian serviceman, who had joined the Canadian Expeditionary force in 1914. 

After his death, his wife and two daughters all took up home in Canada, probably because Ada moved to Canada. When she first went it was with her mother, and her two sisters both travelled to Canada shortly afterwards. Mother Emily and the sisters all made several crossings between England and Canada, but all died in Nova Scotia.


There remain descendants of his daughters in Canada today, with surnames Vance, Johnson, Mandula and Jordan.

For details of his daughters, see their pages. 

Ada Emily 1897 - 1959

Ivy 1898 - 1972

Winifred 1900 - 1998

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