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1898 to 1972

Ivy Mitchenall 1898 to 1972.jpg

Ivy was born in Chatham, Kent in 1898 and died in Truro, Nova Scotia in 1972.

Ivy married Albert Lorne Johnson in 1922 and had three children, Nina (1923), Frederick (1926) and George (1931). There is a suggestion on other family trees that a third child George was also born.

Nina married a William Vance and has surviving children.

Frederick married and has surviving children.

George married twice and has surviving children

Mr Johnson then disappears from  Ivy's life, although he didn't die until 1952, so I presume there was a divorce.

Ivy then married James Stanley Jordan in 1933, with whom she had a further child Eugene in 1934. After Eugene's marriage he had 9 children.

Ivy has living descendant relatives named Vance, Johnson, Mandula and Jordan.

She left England to join her widowed mother and elder sister, with her younger sister Winifred, in 1920. She lived in Nova Scotia for the rest of her life (as far as I can tell).

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