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Ada Emily 

1897 to 1959

Ada Emily was born the first daughter of Frederick Mitchenall and Emily (Richardson) in October 1897 in Chatham in Kent. Her father was a career serviceman, so it is not surprising her early years were spent in locations with military connections. Her sisters Ivy and Winifred were born in Chatham and Farnham, and in 1901 the family lived in Aldershot.

In July 1915 Ada married Edward W H Melvin, a Canadian serviceman who was born in 1886, making him 11 years her senior. He had agreed to serve in the Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary force in September 1914, but was born in Canada.

In 1916 Ada's father Frederick died at Elham

In 1917, Ada Melvin, aged 20, travelled with the mother Emily to Canada, heading for Truro, Nova Scotia, aboard the Tunisian. Her husband does not seem to be on the ship, but after this journey all the family left the UK and emigrated to Canada

Her Canadian husband died in 1921, the military records stating progressive muscular atrophy. After her trip to England in September 1924, Ada arrived back in Quebec on the Antonia declaring she was a widow.


There are further records of her border crossings by herself and with her mother. Her two sisters, Ivy and Winfred, both emigrated to Canada (both travelling in 1920), and all seem to have returned to the UK for visits - but became Canadian citizens.

Ada and Edward had a daughter in 1919, who later married to become Wright. Ada has descendants through this marriage.

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