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1859  to 1931

David was George and Elizabeth's last child, born shortly before Elizabeth's untimely death. He was born when the family were living at Southend, Lewisham, and would never have known his mother as she died when he was a baby.

His father was quickly in another relationship and married again just before his younger brother Charles Robert was born in late 1861. By 1881 the census recorded the 22 year old David as a carpenter, still living in the household with his father George. 

He married Laura Ann Tavener on 25th December 1886 both giving their address as Ladysmith Road. Just under a year later, their eldest daughter Violet Frances Mary (1887) was born, and by 1891 (when they were living at 188 Wellfield Road) Albert Ernest (1889).  Nellie Grace (1890) was next born, and by the 1901 census the family lived at 196 Sunnyhill Road, Streatham, and David George (1893), Dora Loveday (1896) and Frederick James (1901) had all been added to the family.

The 1911 census saw the family still together at 196 Sunnyhill Road, with Violet, Albert and Nellie in their early twenties. Only Frederick is stated still at school.


At some point between 1915 and 1918 - at the time of the 1st World War - David and Laura moved to 66 Ribblesdale Road, where electoral register places them until in 1931 Probate records as this as his last home address. The certificate records he died in 46 Ouseley Road, Balham, but in practice this was St James Hospital, now part of St Georges and moved to Tooting.

Three of Davids Children, however, have a significant bearing on the current Mitchenall population.

Albert married Rose Hook in Canada in 1912 and is the ancestor of all the living North American Mitchenalls.

David George married Lilian Bloy, whose son David Herbert married Dorothy HItchman in 1952 in Worcester. A family cluster still lives around Worcester.

Frederick James married Beatrice Spreadbury in Amesbury, Wiltshire in 1921. The family members coming from around Wiltshire form another group of current Mitchenalls.

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