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George David

1893 to 1947

George David was the second son of David Mitchenall, and was given the names of his Grandfather and Father. He was born and baptised in Streatham.

In 1916, at the age of 22, he married Lillian Bloy, also from South London. The 1911 census recorded him still at 196 Sunny HIll in Streatham, with his parents, employed as a Music Warehouseman. They married in Streatham, but by the time their daughter Irene was born in 1919, they were living in Wandsworth

Electroal registers show them living in Greyhound Lane until 1930, by which time 

Ruby, Sybil and David Herbert had been born.

The family had moved to Wycombe in Buckingshire by the date of the 1939 census, and George David dies there in 1947. Lillian moved again and died in 1971 in Trowbridge, Daughter Ruby had moved to Wiltshire, and it is possible that Irene moved to be nearer Ruby.

Daughters Irene and Sybil both stayed in Buckinghamshire, and son David moved to Worcester.

The family living in the Worcester area are descendants of George David's son David.

George David's four children are all now deceased, but his grand children survived him at the time of writing (May 2020 )

Links to his four children 

Irene Lily Mitchenall 1919 - 1967

Ruby Ivy Mitchenall 1921 - 1984

Sybil Dora Mitchenall 1925 - 2008

David Herbert MItchenall 1928 - 2005

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