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Irene Lily

1919 to 1967

Irene Lily was the Eldest daughter of George David Mitchenall and Lillian Bloy.

She was born in Wandsworth and married in Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, in 1938, to Albert Meech..

She has a son, Anthony, in 1939, and the 1939 register shows her as remarrying and changing her name to Albianitch in 1956. with a date of 15.10.56


There is a marriage record for Irene L Meech in January 1956, to an Abiantich.

However, I have been unable to substatiate this, or the date of her death, which appears to be in Portsmouth in 1967 - Probate records confirm Irene Lily Meech died on the 7th January 1967. However, the death record gives the an age of 45, birth in 1922.

My guess is that there was a second marriage to a Mr Albianitch, and that there is a child from this second marriage. I suspect the death may be wrong. This is confirmed by the birth record of the child, whose mother is given as Mitchenall.

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