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Nellie Grace 

1890 - 1922

Nellie Grace was born in 1887 in Streatham, the second daughter of David and Laura Mitchenall. she is recorded as a milliner at the age of 21 in the 1911 Census. She was single, and remained single until her death in 1922.

A Grace Mitchenall, recorded as a blouse maker, is admitted to a workhouse in Fulham Road on 1919. I can find no other person who this could be.

She died in Epsom, in 1922.


If Nellie Grace and Grace are the same person, I note her admission and discharge from the workhouse was by doctor / nurse, and with no other reason apparent for the move to Epsom, I wonder if her health failed her and she ended up in hospital in Epsom prior to her demise?

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