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David 1859 Children

David had 6 children.

His three sons contribute significantly to all the current living Mitchenalls.

The Mitchenalls now in North America all descend from Albert Ernest, who settled in Michigan, in the United States, after he emigrated in 1911. 

The Mitchenalls living in Wiltshire and clustered around Salisbury / Amesbury are descendants of Frederick, who married in Amesbury in 1921.

The Mitchenalls originating from Worcester are all descendants of David George, whose son David Herbert married in Worcester in 1952.

His Children, with his wife Laura Tavener, are 

Violet Frances Mary (1887)

Albert Ernest (1889)

Nellie Grace (1890)

David George (1893)

Dora Loveday (1896)

Frederick James (1901)

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