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Edward John 1889 to 1966

Edward John Mitchenall was the eldest son of William Henry Mitchenall and Ada Martha Morris. Born in Walthamstow, he lived there for the rest of his life, apart from a period of service during World War One.

He signed up as a Territorial in the East Anglian Rifles on February 2nd 1916, but in September 1916 he transferred to the regular army he was demobilized (back to the territorials) on 10th November? 1919. HIs total service for the Territorials was 4 years and 332 days. He suffered a disability in 1918. At 25 years 8 months he was 5ft 5ins and had a 35inch chest - not a huge fellow. 

Edward John Mitchenall WW1 service recor

Whilst on service, his brother William was killed in action. Edward returned home and worked with his father as a grocer, eventually inheriting the business on his fathers demise. Only his brother Harold left home ground; Edward did not marry, and left no descendants or family when he died in 1966, shortly after his youngest brother Harold. In 1939 father and two sons Walter and Edward were all stated to be Grocers, of  117 Wood Street. Today, 117 Wood Street is a rather different shop.

Probate states he was then at 168 Fulbourne Road, Walthamstow, and left £9709 to one Albert Victor Collins, a customs clearing clerk. HIs brother Harold, curiously, appears on the same page, having died in Vaud, Switzerland on the 15th February. HIs £8060 pounds went to Barclays Bank.

117 Wood Street William Henry Mitchenall
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