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William James

1904 - 1952

William James was the second son of William Jonathan and Edith Sterry. His elder brother Arthur   carried his mothers surname, but William continued the tradition of there being a William in each generation; he was William, son of William Jonathan, son of William, son of William (1893). He was also the last William Mitchenall.

Whilst his brother Arthur followed a career in Local Government, William James followed his father and joined the family business. Living in Shrewsbury, as his father and brother, in 1939 he is recorded inthe survey as Part Owner and Manager of the drapery business in Mardol, Shrewsbury. He had married shortly before the survey to Dorothy Harrison, and was living at Worsley, Grange Road at the time of the survey a month after. Grange Road was very close to his brothers home.

Their only child was born shortly after, and William James died in June 1952 after only 12 complete years of marriage. HIs wife Dorothy lived for another 30 years, and lived eventually and died in Wantage.

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