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Sarah Ann

1865 - 1954

Sarah Ann, born 12th January 1865, was the third child of George and Mary Sole Kidman, and George's 8th child. She was born in Norwood, where father had established his business. She appears to have lived with family until marriage in 1890 to William Charles Dibber, a monumental engraver. In 1891 they were living at 2 Knights Hill with the family of a mason. 

In 1891 a daughter, Grace Mary Dubber, was born, but did not live to see the year end. More happily, a second daughter May Gertrude was born in 1893, and a son, William Guy Dubber in 1894.

By 1901 the family had moved to 29 Auckland Hill, and living with them is one Ebenezer Kidman, now doubt a relation of Sarah's mother, as he is recorded as born in St Neots. ( or a great coincidence, as this is where Mary Sole Kidman originated.) Sarah's mother died in 1901.  After this date, members of the family are often present in the household, which stays in Auckland Hill. Either the street numbers change, or they move.


In 1910 Sarah, her husband William and sister Mary Ann are all baptised at St Lukes, West Norwood.  This is curious, as from Mr Dubbers profession one might assume he already had strong ties with the church. This record is also one of the few identifying Mary Ann and showing her not to be their older half sister (Jane) Mary.

The 1911 census shows Sarah in Eastbourne with her sisters (Jane) Mary, Agnes. Lily , and Margaret, whilst husband William is at home with May (now a Postal Clerk) and William Guy, a drapers assistant. The address appears to be 179 Auckland Hill.

In 1913, at the age of 19, son William Guy dies in Eastbourne, but is buried in West Norwood cemetery. Perhaps he went to his aunts in Eastbourne to convalesce, only to succumb to whatever ailed him? Clearly there were close links with Eastbourne, but his must have been a sad time for all.

In 1916, daughter May marries Francis Tring, and May and her new husband then live with their parents until at least 1937 - an alternative address in Norwood is shown from 1938.

After the first world war, Electoral Registers show the family at 2 Rochester Terrace, Auckland Hill, in 1919 - with May and her husband.

The electoral registration for the household is then fairly complete for the next 20 years, the address changing to 84 Auckland Hill for 1930, and Mary Ann Mitchenall, a retired lady's maid according to the 1939 census, moves in with the family about the same time as this change of address, 

Her husband William Charles dies in 1942, her sister Mary Ann shortly after in 1943. Although Mary Anns' address is recorded as 3 Cambridge Road Eastbourne, she died in St Francis Hospital East Dulwich.

The last days for Sarah are also spent in St Francis Hospital, where she is recorded as a resident in the 1951 electoral roles. She died in 1954, only her daughter May and son-in-law left to remember her.

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