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Percy Victor 1893 - 1972

Percy Victor was born in Welling Kent in June 1893.  The third child of William Joshua and Annie Pope, he worked in the printing industry as a compositor.

He served in the First World War as a member of Duke of Cambridge's Own Regiment (the Middlesex) and demobbed in 1920. 

His wife, Agnes Mary, was born Banks, but had married William McTaggart in 1917. William was also a member of the Middlesex regiment. William died in December 1919 at the age of 27, when they had been married little more than 2 years. In September 1922 Agnes married again, this time to Percy Victor. A year after their marriage a first child was born, and a second was born in 1929.

In later years Agnes and Percy lived with Agnes sister Grace at 3 Southbrook Road, Lewisham, Percy outliving both sisters when he died in 1972. Both his children married and also lived at Southbrook Road at times,

His two children, grandchildren and great grandchildren survive him at the point of writing, October 2019.

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