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Margaret Ada 

1919 - 1992

Margaret Ada was born in Detroit in 1919 to Albert and Rose, She lived with her parents until 1940, working as a file clerk in an insurance office according to the 1940 census.

During that time she travelled at least once to England, in 1937, where she probably met her surviving grandparents.

in December 1940 she married Delbert Emery, stated to be a cloth shader. Her elder sister Elsie witnessed the marriage.

Margaret and Delbert had four children, but only their daughter is alive today. 

Delbert Ernest Emery lived from 1944 to 1946, his younger brother Donald Delbert Emery from 1946 to 1991. Youngest son Robert Donald Emery was born and died in 1951.

Their daughter, married and with family, survives them.

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