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George Samuel 1878 - 1971

George Samuel was born at when his parents lived at 2 Gloucester Terrace in Hamiton Road, not far from his grandfathers' ironmongers in Gipsy Road. I am unable to identify Gloucester Terrace, and much of present day Hamilton Road is new housing with older properties interspersed. Hamilton Road suffered bomb damage in the 2nd World War, but I don't know whether Gloucester Terrace was a casualty. Little of Hamilton Road close to Gipsy Road is now as was, and its probable George lived at that end, close to other family members. This photo shows a scene in Hamilton Road in 1912, unrecognisable today except the road junction remains.

George Samuel attended Salters Hill school, on Gipsy Road, from March 1885, and his address on admission was 59 Hamilton Road. He left school in September 1891 when his conduct was said to be very good. Sadly his mother died when he was 20.

The family remained at 59 Hamilton and two female lodges moved in - although one is shown as the head of the household in 1901. In 1902, at the age of 24, George Samuel married Gertrude Louise Curtis, and in 1910 he is shown living at 12 Idmiston Road. His father George William died in 1910, and a year later George Samuel had moved. For whatever reason, George and his wife of 8 years (the 1911 survey recorded length of marriage) were living with Gertrude's parents at Harbledown, 7 South Croxted Road. Georges new family perhaps seemed rather better accommodated, but is there another story here?

George saw service in the first World War, serving in the early Royal Air Force. The records also show he was injured on the 18th June 1917 and he served as a stockkeeper, but this was before the formation of the RAF, and RAF records him as an airman. He wasnt the only Mitchenall in the formative RAF - see also Ernest Cecil. Did they know each other - they were posted to the same bases at similar times? 

After the war he returned to 7 South Croxted Road (Electoral Roll 1920), but his in-laws are not recorded there. His father and mother in law had both died and his father-in-laws probate shows he left his effects to George and his brother in law William. William had married in 1909, and in 1911 was  living with his wife Mildred in Norbury, He worked as an architect,

The story is now difficult to piece together. With his brother Frank he seems to have ran a business at 11 Paxton Place, and this business appears to be connected to his grandfathers ironmongery at 246 Gipsy Road, which his father was occupying at the time of his death. The business was still registered to Frank and George in the 1950's, but George, in 1932, was living in Harbledown, Ockham Road, East Horsley - a house probably named after 7 Croxted Road. In 1925 he'd lived in Beddington, 1927 in Purley, and then Mitcham and Guildford in 1931. However, the Purley address is recorded against 246 Gipsy Road, which also records brother Frank and their two wives Gertrude and Harriet.

Then in 1933 the couple are to be found at 7 West Street, Epsom, and in 1939, Hazon Way in Epsom.

After the war, Gertrude dies in Worthing, in 1952. Her sister-in-law had died there a year earlier, in 1951. Her brother and husband also died in Worthing, in 1966 and 1971 respectively. When she died, Gertrude (of 309 Brighton Road Worthing) left £280 to her husband George, who is stated to be a commercial traveller. The 1939 census named George as a Traveller in Textiles (travelling).

It would appear George, whilst working as a commercial traveller, kept his interest in the family business with his brother Frank. Hoever, wven after retiring to Worthing with his wife, he also remained close to his brother in Law, He retained his interests whilst very rarely staying put at any address for more than 3 or 4 years.

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