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Frank Rowland

1883 - 1965 

Frank Rowland was the younger son of George William (1852-1910). He was admitted to Salters Hill School in August 1890, and at this time his family lived at 59 Hamilton Road, West Norwood, London. He was 15 when his mother died in July 1898, and he continued to live with his father at 59 Hamilton Road.

HIs father died at 246 Gipsy Road (Franks grandfathers shop) in 1910, and a year later Frank was found at Tritton Road, West Dulwich, in practice very near to Hamilton Road. He is stated to be a boarder in a house of the Maskell family - who had 5 sons and two daughers (and another lodger).

The same year he married Harriet Annie Braybrook, from Spalding, in Spalding. in 1916 they had their first child, Edna, and then in 1918, a son, Thomas. In 1923 they were living at 190 Gipsy Road, and by 1936 had move to 8 Patterson Road Norwood SE19 - although he maintained, as did his wife, brother and sister in law, an electoral registration at 11 Paxton Place. Here George and Frank ran a business, although given Georges work as a commercial salesman, I would suggest Frank put in most of the work. They remained at Patterson Road in 1939, although Thomas is not shown in the household. Frank is stated to be a plumber and decorator.

He continued to also register his business at 11 Paxton Place (1957 and 1961 records, but he was still at Patterson Road when he died in March 1965 at Mayday Hospital, Croydon. he left £5532 to Harriet.

Harriet did not long outlive him, dying in September 1966, when she left £5523 to her son Thomas George. She was no longer in Patterson Road, having moved to 77 Methuen Road, Edgware. Her daughter Edna recorded Edgware as her address when when visited the USA  in 1960 - so likely Harriet moved to Edgware to be near to Edna,

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