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Edith Elizabeth 

1898 to 1992

Edith was born in 1898 after her family had moved to Southend from South London. The family moved from Southend to Rochford and back between 1903 and 1905, and she married Percy Baker from Rochford in January 1923.

I have no record of her living outside of Essex from her marriage until her death in 1992. She had five children, and there are living descendants.

Her first daughter Eunice Baker was born in the 3rd quarter of the year. Eunice later married Lawrence Paskins but I have no record of the Paskins descendants.

Marjorie Baker was born in 1925 in Rochford (q2) and the 1939 register shows a change of name to Peacey. Leslie Baker was born in 1928, followed by Robert Baker in 1929, and finally Richard in 1938.


I have no further details of family descendants.

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