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Arthur Reginald 1902 - 1979 

Arthur Reginald Mitchenall was the sixth child of William Joshua, and the fifth son. He was born in Lee Green in 1902. We know from his fathers entry on the electoral register that when his sister Annie was born in 1900, they probably lived at 5 Beverley Cottages, but by 1906 he was in 7 Royal Oak Place. These home were in Lee New Town, described in "Ideal Homes, a history of South-East London Suburbs". They were not grand homes, and a family of 8 might have been rather overcrowded by modern standards. The last of the houses were demolished in the 1950's 

By the 1911 census the family had moved to 23 Lenham Road, and Lenham Road (Arthur moved to number 30) was where the family home was until the second world war. Lenham Road was damaged by bombing and the part of the road where 23 stood has been replaced by modern housing.

Arthur married Ivy Jessie Florence Wilson in 1932 and they were recorded at 30 Lenham Road.

After the war Arthur and Ivy lived at various addresses round SE London - Vauxhall, Lee, Lewisham. They had a daughter and have two grandchildren.

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