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Agnes Charlotte

1872 - 1952

Agnes Charlotte was born in 1872,  following the early demise of George and Mary's last children Amos and Elizabeth. Although she was not baptised until 1887, when she was 15,  she remained at home in 1891 when the census reports she is a school assistant. 

in 1901 she has progressed to school teacher, noted Low S B. I take this as Lower School School Board, or the Primary school run for all children.

The 1901 census was conducted on 31st March, and her mother and father are both at home. By the 25th April her mother had died, and was buried in West Norwood Cemetery.

The next decade saw many changes, and by the  1911 Census Agnes was living with her sisters (Jane) Mary, Lily and Margaret in Eastbourne. Her father had died in 1906, and her half brother George, 20 years her senior, had also died.

In 1939 she was still with sisters Lily and Margaret in Eastbourne. (Jane) Mary had died, and Clara Lavinia, their neice, youngest daughter of Brother Charles Robert, had joined the household.

When she died in 1953, her effects passed to Clara Lavinia.

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