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William Mitchenall was a cordwainer (leather worker) who had a shop in the High Street of Edenbridge, Kent, UK.

In 1841 he and Mary probably lived here with their 10 Children, John, Ann, James, Amos, Keziah, George, Joshua, Simon, Rebecca and the youngest, my great grandfather, William (who was 2). The only children not there were their eldest child, also William, who had died at the age of six, and Mary, their eldest daughter, was not at home but may have been living further up the High Street (possibly in service?), Their location on the High Street was South of the River. Eden, and the premises pictured may all have been occupied by Mitchenall family members.

In the 1851 census, the family shop is recorded as being close to the Star Inn, near Lintots (an ancient dwelling).. The entrance tp Lintots is between these two houses, the Star Inn behind the photographer.

Today, 150 years later, the shop is closed and no doubt different to the premises that William owned, possibly making shoes whilst his son John next door also made shoes, In 1851, niece Anne, brother John's daughter,  is also recorded with William. Next door is Henry Jeffrey with his wife Kezia (nee Mitchenall), William and Mary's daughter.. More details of their locations may be found on the Edenbridge page

Today, of all William's children, only George, Joshua and William have living descendants with the family name Mitchenall - the 50 or so people who in 2019 are still named Mitchenall all seem to be their descendants - but let me know if you know differently!

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

This site provides information for Mitchenall family members

or others researching Mitchenall Family History as part of their families Genealogy.

Note, however, in-depth details are only given for family members with the surname Mitchenall.

This is not due to lack of interest in others, but simply reflects the focus of this site, keeping it compact.

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Welcome to the Mitchenall Family History.

William Mitchenall and Mary Winter married in Edenbridge, Kent, UK on the 2nd July 1821

If you or your 20th century forbears had, or have, the surname Mitchenall today,  you are a descendant of William and Mary.

There are only about 50 people with this surname in 2019, all living in England or the USA.

This site content is managed by Mitchenalls for Mitchenalls and their descendants. 


Until the mid 20th Century, the few Mitchenalls (there have never been very many) were apparently in reasonably close touch. We know that the Mitchenalls in the USA corresponded with and visited their relatives in the UK; my immediate family had photos of other more distant family members I didn't know existed until recently. But by the end of the 20th Century, many of these links had  broken down.

In the 19th Century, relationships were closer.  William and Mary', and most of their children,  married in St George The Martyr, Borough HIgh Street, in Southwark.

Although there were family connections to St George's, the exact reason they virtually all married at St George's  is yet to be discovered

Before William was born in 1793, the family lived in Edenbridge and dates back to the 1600, when Henty Mitchenall was the licensee of the Crown Inn. See "Mitchenalls before William"

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St George the Martyr is a large church situated in London SE1. The church clock at Edenbridge, at the church of  St Peter and St Pauls, comes from St George the Martyr,. Mary Winter's family also had connections with the Southwark Church, whilst William's grandfather, William, was a church warden in Edenbridge.

Why William and his children chose to marry so far from Edenbridge suggests a closer link than yet discovered, but

there are links to the leather industry around St Georges.

Mitchen Hall, Shackleford

Mitchenall is believed to derive from "Mitchen Hall", near Shackleford in West Surrey.

Mitchenall's didn't always come from Edenbridge, The first Mitchenall in Edenbridge, Henry (1650), bears the same name as Henry de Michenhale, who was recorded in nearby Bletchinley in 1337. Bletchingly history states Henry came from near Godalming. Prior to 1650 most references to Mitchenalls are around Shackleford and Elstead, near Godalming, with records in the Surrey Archives back to 1530. A Farm in Bletchingley was named Mitchenall's in 1337, older than the current Mitchen Hall, which has older parts within the current building which dates from the late 17th Century  .

Another view of Mitchen Hall

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Percy Simon Mitchenall with his wife Lillian, nee Crouch.

This is the only picture I have traced of my grandfather and grandmother, and the only picture of my grandfather - he died in 1914 when his sons were infants.

Grandmother Lillian continued to work, whilst my father and uncle, Raymond and Frank, were brought up with my grandmothers family, the Crouchs, in Chiddingstone Causeway, Kent.

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