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Leonard 1905 - 1963

Leonard was the youngest son of William Joshua and Annie, and was born in 1905 in Lee when his family lived in Royal Oak Place - in a house classed as a dwelling house successive ( indicating the family had moved) - or 5 Beverley Cottages (the family previous address.

By 1911 they had moved to 23 Lenham Road. He was 12 when his elder brother Sidney was killed in the 1st World War, and was still living at 23 Lenham Road in 1931 where he was registered to vote.

At the age of 30, he married Eileen Agnes King in Camberwell London, and a year later their daughter Brenda Ann was born - in Deptford, probably when Leonard and Eileen had moved to 36 Musgrove Road. Musgrove Road is probably still as it was then, divided with a Mr and Mrs George also living at 36.

36 Musgrove Road Leonard and Eileen Mitc

Musgrove Road wasn't far from Mum and Dad at Lenham Road. but Leonards' family soon moved on. In 1939 he was employed as an Insurance Official and the family were living at 18 Walton Drive Aylesbury. 

In 1948 they were back in SE14, at 25 Arbuthnot Road, in Nunhead. They were still there in 1963, the year in which Leonard died.

Eileen moved out to Enfield before her own death in January 2000, just seeing in the Millenium. Her daughter Brenda predeceased her in 1994.

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